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100 Creative Gardening Design Ideas


If you’re looking for the best gardening design then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered different varieties of garden styles to help you in designing your garden. With the most suitable plants and accessories, you can easily obtain a relaxing atmosphere. Gardening adventure can be fun! You can choose to do it by yourself or hire a landscape architect to do it for you. Water fountains, small trees, pathways, colorful flowers are just some of the elements that are truly a bliss. After having a long day at work, you can easily relax in your green haven. No matter what your personal taste and lifestyle are, there is always a gardening design made just for you.

1. Small Gardens

Gardening Designs

Making the most out of smaller spaces can be a baffling task. Nevertheless, this is the perfect time to get creative.

2. Gardening Designs Small Gardens

Gardening Designs Small Gardens

Don’t be afraid to break the rules and use brilliant gimmicks to turn your modest space into an amazing oasis.

3. Small City Garden

Gardening Designs Pictures

Planting roses can isolate the patio from the lawn.

4. Small Space Garden Design

Gardening Designs In Sri Lanka

A small garden is like an extension room. It’s a place for entertaining and relaxing.

5. Garden Designs Ideas

Garden Designs Ideas

Even if you are not living in countrysides you can still have a fabulous garden in your own backyard.

6. Urban Garden Designs

Garden Designs Uk

A city garden is not only for planting but also for playing, relaxing and entertaining.

7. Garden Designs And Layouts

Garden Designs And Layouts

This is a combination of indoor and outdoor styles since it includes some shelving units.

8. Garden Designs For Small Spaces

Garden Designs And Layouts

Urban gardens are a popular trend all over the world. It promotes a better environment and healthier lifestyle.

9. Urban Gardening Design

Garden Designs Australia

Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still enjoy having a garden. Bring nature into your home by growing colorful flowers on planters.

10. Small City Garden Idea

Small City Garden Idea

This design can be easily obtained by taking care of your lawn and your flowers. This is the best place for enjoying some quiet time.

11. Fascinating Garden Design Ideas

Fascinating Garden Design Ideas

You can create your own garden fantasy with a little effort and some creativity.

12. Best Gardening Designs

Best Gardening Designs

A rooftop garden embellished with a mirror.

13. Wildlife Friendly Garden

Wildlife Friendly Garden

This type of garden can easily attract birds, insects and even small mammals.

14. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Wildlife such as birds and butterflies can be exciting to have in your garden.

15. Enchanting Garden Design

Garden Designs With Railway Sleepers

Excellent gardens must not only look good but feel good too!

16. Pleasing Gardening Design

Container Gardening Designs

Create simple paths and structures that are easy to navigate.

17. Adorable Outdoor Space

Dish Gardening Designs

Patios and decks are excellent for entertaining guests. Make sure that it has enough room for dining and socializing.

18. Mesmerizing Garden Idea

Raised Bed Gardening Designs

Always ensure that you have wide pathways so that people can pass comfortably.

19. Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

Container Flower Gardening Designs

You may not be lucky enough to have a bigger outdoor space but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with what you have.

20. Modern Garden Design Ideas

Landscape Gardening Designs

In today’s modern world, it is important for us to develop a love for nature.

21. Eco-friendly Garden

Square Foot Gardening Designs

Eco-friendly solutions can take your gardening tasks to a higher level.

22. A Garden of Flowers

Backyard Gardening Designs

The fragrance of flowers can produce positivity on the environment. Gardens wouldn’t be complete without the unparalleled beauty of various flowers.

23. Unique Planters

Vertical Gardening Designs

You can save some money by growing plants in tin cans.

24. Splendid Gardening Design

Container Gardening Designs Vegetables

With some designing skills, you can turn your tiniest lawn into an enjoyable place to relax.

25. Garden Designs With Railway Sleepers

Home Gardening Designs

Railway sleepers are very useful for your gardening design. It can be used for creating retaining wall, garden steps, garden paths and others.

26. Inspiring Container Gardening Design

Gardening Plans Designs

You can dress up your garden using gorgeous containers.

27. DIY Gardening Design

Gardening T Shirt Designs

If you have a limited space in your garden then hanging your plants can be a perfect idea.

28. Dish Gardening Designs

Gardening Cake Designs

Dish gardens are trending these days since they can add a unique accent to your garden. Additionally, you can combine different plants in one container.

29. Raised Bed Gardening Designs

Gardening Business Cards Designs

Raised bed gardens offer you several benefits. For instance, you can customize the soil that you’ll use to match the needs of your plants. A wheelbarrow can also be repurposed as a planter.

30. Container Flower Gardening Designs

Gardening Embroidery Designs

Container gardens come in various shapes and sizes. Best of all, if offers infinite possibilities to gardeners.

31. Landscape Gardening Designs

Gardening Leaflet Designs

Renovating your landscaping can increment the value of your property.

32. Affordable Landscaping

Gardening Backyard Designs

With timber garden beds, you don’t have to spend too much for your landscaping design.

33. ‌Inspirational Garden Design Ideas

Gardening Logo Designs

Whether you are a skilled gardener or a first timer, you can create your own inspiring landscaped garden.

34. Garden Design For Small Gardens

Gardening Beds Designs

From water features to tropical plants, there are a lot of ways that you can transform your tiny outdoor space to make it look amazing.

35. Rocky Garden Design

Rocky Garden Design

Gardens are more appreciated through its details such as stone accents, intriguing edging, and interesting patterns.

36. Zen Japanese Garden Design

Zen Japanese Garden Design

Your garden design should suit your lifestyle, regardless if it’s small or large.

37. Drought-Tolerant Gardening Design

Drought Tolerant Gardening Design

Succulents and perennials blend well together.

38. Rain Water Features

Rain Water Features

The rainwater in this pond serves as a water source and a water feature too!

39. Design Ideas For Your Small Garden Home

Design Ideas For Your Small Garden Home

Surround your deck or patio with plants to create a natural oasis.

40. Arbors and Pergolas

Arbors And Pergolas

Frame a view with pergolas and arbors. Although you can also use shrubs, small trees and any types of garden art.

41. Fascinating Garden Designs

Fascinating Gardens Designs

A beautiful flower bed that incorporates yellow daffodils, purple carnations, red geraniums and others.

42. Perennial Garden

Perennial Garden

This flower garden can give you years of fun. This is because you don’t need to replant perennials.

43. Flower Garden Designs

Flower Garden Designs

If you want to have a perfect garden then you should consider the shape of your garden as well as the variety of flowers.

44. Inspirational Garden Ideas

Inspirational Garden Ideas

You can turn your small outdoor space into an ultimate living space.

45. Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis

Be sure to utilize any spare space and always pay attention to all the details.

46. Garden Designs Without Grass

Garden Designs Without Grass

An astonishing garden can be achieved by combining different elements.

47. DIY Garden Design

Diy Garden Design

Don’t be afraid to show your creativity when designing your garden.

48. Shade Garden Design

Shade Garden Design

Incorporating a unique object in your garden provides a whimsical feel.

49. Terraced Garden

Terraced Garden

Even if you have a sloping yard, you can still create numerous mini-gardens and grow an array of plants.

50. Amazing Urban Garden

Amazing Urban Garden

With the right kind of soil, you can grow different types of plants in your garden.

51. Retaining Wall Garden Ideas

Retaining Wall Garden Ideas

Retaining walls can greatly contribute to your curb appeal.

52. Slope Garden

Slope Garden

Slopes are particularly challenging. However, you can turn it into a stylish garden by planting them with the right plants.

53. Attractive Gardening Design Ideas

Attractive Gardening Design Ideas

Be the architect in your own backyard. The possibilities and the combinations of creating a beautiful garden are endless.

54. Simple and Colorful

Simple And Colorful

Make use of your old buckets by filling them up with colorful flowers.

55. Gardening Design with Water Features

Vertical Gardening Designs

Water features are truly amazing!

56. Low-Water Succulents

Low Water Succulents

Succulents are capable of storing water in their leaves so you don’t need to water them regularly.

57. Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden

This garden creates a romantic setting. It contains a combination of lovely bloomers and plants.

58. Contemporary Garden

Contemporary Garden

This type of garden has a simple design that works well in smaller spaces.

59. Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Modern gardens are usually composed of hard landscaping. Built-in planters and raised beds are typically constructed into the garden.

60. Fabulous Garden Design

Good Design

A garden must have a striking focal point. Anything will do including a water feature, planter or a sculpture.

61. Lighted Garden Design

Lighted Garden Design

With the right lighting, your garden can come alive at night. It provides a different look to your garden.

62. Tropical Garden

Tropical Garden

Even if you don’t live in tropical places, you can still create your own essence of the tropics.

63. Best Tropical Garden

Best Tropical Garden

When creating a tropical garden, keep in mind that tropical plants need a decent amount of water as well as good fertilizer and mulching.

64. Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Zen gardens were originally built by Buddhists monks. This garden is intended for meditation.

65. Backyard Garden

Backyard Garden

Growing your own vegetables can be fun and economical too!

66. Eco-Friendly Gardening

Eco Friendly Gardening

An eco-garden is an ideal habitat for birds and butterflies.

67. Classic Garden

Classic Garden

Classic gardens never go out of style due to its simplicity and elegance.

68. Garden Ideas for Small Yards

Garden Ideas For Small Yards

Creating a beautiful garden can be possible even if you have a small yard. Just choose the right flowers to plant and add amazing elements to complete the design.

69. Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Collect different varieties of bonsai and plant them in assorted planters to create a Bonsai Farm.

70. Cinder Block Garden Ideas

Cinder Block Garden Ideas

With cinder blocks, you can have an instant compartment for your plants.

71. Herb Garden

Herb Garden

The best place for creating your herb garden is near your kitchen. However, it can also be placed in other locations as long as it gets a good amount of sunlight.

72. Patio Garden

Patio Garden

Tall plants can also function as a privacy screen.

73. Gardening on Slopes

Gardening On Slopes

Gardening on slopes can be a huge challenge, however, the result can be uplifting!

74. Charming Planter

Charming Planter

Mosaic tiles are not only for bathrooms but also for planters.

75. Piano Planter

Piano Planter

A piano is not only for playing sweet music but it can also be repurposed as a planter and a waterfall.

76. Trough Flowerpot

Trough Flowerpot

Aside from using a trough, there are still other things that can be repurposed into flowerpots such as a toolbox, bath tub and others.

77. Chinese Gardens

Chinese Gardens

After having a long day, wouldn’t it be nice to relax in a quiet place with a beautiful scenery?

78. Small Backyard Design Ideas

Small Backyard Design Ideas

You can make the most of your small yard by using space-saving embellishments and gardening ideas.

79. Hillside Landscaping

Hillside Landscaping

Most often, hillside landscaping requires a lot of work compared to a flat garden.

80. Mediterranean Garden Style

Mediterranean Garden Style

This design can be seen mostly in mansions and large estates.

81. Great Landscape Gardens

Great Landscape Gardens

If you want to create a good looking garden then you should add something aside from plants and flowers.

82. Unique Garden Design Ideas

Unique Garden Design Ideas

If you can’t handle the design by yourself then you should hire a pro to assist you.

83. Landscape Gardens

Landscape Gardens

The first thing to do when creating a landscape garden is to determine the type of plants and flowers that you want to have.

84. Flower Garden

Flower Garden

When it comes to flower gardens, it’s important to have an excellent soil preparation.

85. Beautiful Landscape Garden

Beautiful Landscape Garden

Planting any kinds of plants in your garden can make it look overcrowded. Start by having a plan.

86. Gardening Design with Paths

Gardening Design with Paths

A garden path can entice guests to visit your garden.

87. Eco-Friendly Gardening Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gardening Ideas

An eco-friendly garden can slow down climate change.

88. Evergreen Garden Design Ideas

Evergreen Garden Design Ideas

Incorporating evergreens to your garden can create a huge impact.

89. English Cottage Gardens

English Cottage Gardens

A cute garden with flagstone floor, a wooden gazebo and colorful flowers.

90. English Garden Design

English Garden Design

Creating an enchanting English garden isn’t actually hard. Try to select a mixture of flowers that blooms in different seasons so that you can enjoy a year-long harmony of colors.

91. Container Garden Ideas

Container Garden Ideas

Plants in containers are less intensive than those which are grown in the yard. It gives you the opportunity to display your creativity.

92. Indoor Garden Design

Indoor Garden Design

Indoor gardens can provide you a sufficient amount of oxygen inside your own home.

93. Balcony Garden Planters

Balcony Garden Planters

A lot of people may be living in apartments, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy gardening on their own balcony.

94. Stacked Planters

Stacked Planters

When creating a balcony garden, you can save more space by stacking your planters to enjoy growing a range of plants.

95. Great Ideas For Gardens

Great Ideas For Gardens

There are different garden ideas to choose from if you want to revamp your yard. You may choose an edible garden design, flower garden design and a lot more.

96. Patio Jungle

Patio Jungle

Spice up your outdoor space by adding an array of planters and plants.

97. Purple Garden

Purple Garden

The gardener did a good job in spreading the assortment of purple in these container pots.

98. Raised Bed Garden Designs

Raised Bed Garden Designs

This is the best solution if you are dealing with soil which is tough to dig or is not capable of growing plants.

99. Courtyard Gardens

Courtyard Gardens

When choosing a pro it’s best to ensure that he understands your needs and ideas.

100. Courtyard Design

Courtyard Design

A cozy courtyard garden is the best place for entertaining visitors or just for relaxing.

Top Things To Consider For Your Gardening Design

If you want to remodel your outdoor area then you must have a garden design. In order to turn your dream into reality, you need to compromise some factors such as the area of your garden or the climate in your area. There are also some important things that you need to discuss with your garden designer. First and foremost, contemplate on who is going to use the garden and regard their own needs. Garden themes are the key. There are a lot of designs that can inspire you. Nevertheless, they might not be suitable for your budget. Choose a garden style that is appropriate to the shape of your garden then decide what products you desire. Be aware that your dream garden cannot be completed overnight. The time of completion will depend on the design and the intricacy of your garden. Most often it can take a while. For bigger projects, most likely it can be accomplished for a month or more.

Regardless of what gardening design you’re considering, you can always explore budget-friendly options. If you can save money on the hardscape then you can spend it on the soil enhancement. This is the key to a successful landscape garden design. There are different ways to reduce your garden budget and most often it only creates a little impact on how your garden will look like. You can also create a secret garden that is solely yours. A garden of flowers is not only refreshing but inspiring too. There is a dairy farmer in Japan that plants pink flowers in order to make his blind wife smile again. Did you enjoy these images? Let us know your thoughts on these gardening designs.


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